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The Astrobiology Society was born at the University of Manchester (UK) in August 2020 to spread the word about all things astrobiology, and with a clear purpose in mind: to become a world-renowned astrobiology hub.

By the end of 2022, we had clearly outgrown our status as a university society. Driven by our ambitious ideas, we are embarked on a journey to become a separate organisation, which will enable us to do more, and better than ever.

Our goals

We deliver world-class education and careers resources and create high-quality events to enrich and promulgate astrobiology, and along the way, we are building an international community of students and professionals interested in the area.

Our management team

The society is run by an Executive Committee. In addition, we also have a high number of staff that volunteer with us to help out with daily tasks and projects and help the society grow even more. Applications are always welcome, so head over to volunteering to submit yours!

Our legal status

We are a non-profit organisation registered within the University of Manchester Students’ Union (Registered Charity Number: 1144146)

Our constitution can be found here.

Our bye-laws can be found here.

Should you require more legal documents or information, please do not hesitate in contacting us: contact@astrobiologysociety.com

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