What is astrobiology?

With stars and planets more abundant than grains of sand on Earth, the universe must be teeming with life. Or, with how complex and intricate life is, perhaps it is rarer than we think…

Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary science which arose from these thoughts.

It is a point of encounter of many fields, including astrophysics, biology, chemistry, and philosophy – all of which are important constituents towards answering the question, “are we alone?”

From exploring how life originated on Earth billions of years ago, to attempting to detect intelligent civilizations outside our pale blue dot, astrobiology has been gaining momentum amongst the science research community.

Thus, being the largest student-led organization in the field, we are determined to enrich curious minds with invaluable knowledge and information on the beautiful subject we call astrobiology.

Explore astrobiology with us (coming soon!)

The building blocks of life

Discover how chemistry leads to biology and how chemical molecules self assemble together

Origins of life on Earth

From the first protocells to modern lifeforms, and the role of evolution and complexity in the process

Habitability: the solar system

A tour around our planetary neighbourhood and the promising bodies that might harbour life

Exoplanets and biosignatures

Current efforts to detect alien life and where it might be located in the vastness of the universe

SETI and Civilisations

A historial insight into SETI and technosignatures and the cultural implications of contacting another civilisation

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