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Are you into astrobiology, thinking about pursuing a career in this discipline, or just interested in learning more about this exciting field? Then, you have come to the right place! Take a step further in your career and join our team through our volunteering programme to gain skills and experience while working with lots of organisations and members of the community. Plus, you’ll meet other like-minded students to achieve something incredible, and have fun while you do!

The Society is run by a committee and volunteers that want to make a difference. We communicate through Slack, meet on Zoom and use Google Drive as our office space. You will be expected to dedicate 2-4 hours per week, on a flexible schedule basis. Alongside working, there are opportunities to chat with other volunteers and join events.

We are looking for someone comfortable working remotely, motivated, with team spirit and strong interpersonal skills. We want you to enjoy working with us and to give your input while gaining experience as a promising professional.

Roles available

Digital Intern

Creates digital solutions, manages our internal software, and comes up with ideas on how to improve and automate our workflow.

Marketing Intern

Further develops our marketing plan, creates new strategies for social media, branding and merchandise, and manages our marketing software.

Content Intern

Creates resources, designs content strategies, work in careers and education and develop the information delivered to our members and attendees during events.

Events Intern

Designs events, contacts speakers and plans participation in congresses, create cool and appealing activities and projects, and help with daily operational activities.

Innovation Intern

Aid in the advancement of the objectives of the society in innovative and different ways (sponsorships, events ideas, roadmaps…)

AstroSustainability Intern

Helps in the creation and shaping of the AstroSustainability Learning Centre, develops material and plans activities.

The process

There is no deadline to apply, as we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers. However, we do recommend start volunteering with us as early as possible in the year!

If you are interested in applying, simply fill in the application form. You will be contacted by a member of the society in no time!

As a volunteer, you will coordinate your efforts with the rest of the team. You will gain all sorts of interpersonal and hard skills. This is an outstanding opportunity for your CV!

For enquiries, reach out to us at contact@astrobiologysociety.com. If you’re an organisation or institution and want to promote our opportunities to your students or members, please do get in touch.

Diversity and inclusion

Our aims to educate and develop young people contribute to our vision of a growing and diverse workforce in the Astrobiology field. Everyone brings their own unique viewpoint and ideas to our team which enables us to work towards this vision together.

When you’re volunteering with us, we’re keen to ensure you’re comfortable by facilitating any extra measures you might need, and providing you with opportunities to develop yourself.

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